How do you accessorise a prom dress?

When it comes to prom preparations, finding the perfect dress is only half the battle. After months of searching, you’ve finally found ‘the one’. But so many choices still remain! Now there’s the matter of finding the perfect hairstyle, makeup, shoes, bag, and, of course, the all-important jewellery.

Here at OD Jewellers, we’ve got everything you need to ensure you look a million dollars on your prom night. So, before you get taken out by decision fatigue, let us help you with some expert tips on how to accessorise your prom dress like a pro.

Find the perfect shoes to go with your prom dress

The shoes will undoubtedly be your next consideration after finding the prom dress of your dreams. Bear in mind that you’ll want to be comfortable whilst dancing the night away with your friends, and so, whilst sky-high heels might look amazing, they are probably not going to be practical.

The best types of shoes for prom include ballerina flats, strappy sandals, block heels or heeled court shoes. To decide which type would be best for you, you’ll need to take your chosen dress into consideration. For example, if you’ve gone for a long, flowing gown, block heels could look a bit clunky, but could be perfect for a bodycon dress.

It could be that you want your shoes to match the colour of your dress, or you’re after a particular heel height. Whatever your shoe requirements for prom, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair at OD Designer Clothing.

How to choose a bag for prom

Of course, even the most gorgeous gown would never be complete without the right bag. From clutches to cross shoulder bags, you deserve only the best for your special night. And we’ve got every type of prom bag you could ever wish for.

Whichever type of bag you choose to complement your prom dress, we advise that you just stick to packing your phone, money, hairbrush and lipstick. Leave that huge bottle of hand sanitizer, overstuffed purse and random pens at home.

Get your hands on some seriously stylish prom jewellery

If you don't roll up to your school prom absolutely dripping with bling, your friends have every right to call the fashion police. A prom dress without accessories is like apple pie without custard. It’s still awesome but it could be way better. We’ve got the most stunning jewellery for your 2022 prom right here on our website, and whatever your style, you’re sure to find sparkle that will make your mates green with envy!

How to choose jewellery for prom

Your prom accessories should complete your outfit, not compete with it. This absolutely includes your jewellery. So, if your prom dress is the blingiest you could find, it makes sense to go for simple jewellery to avoid the disastrous Christmas tree look. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a simple but classic prom dress, you can go all out with the rhinestones and sparkle when it comes to choosing jewellery.

Consider going for jewellery colours that complement the details on your dress. So, if your dress sparkles silver, your jewellery ought to be silver too. And if you’ve gone for a green gown, consider opting for emerald-green stones in your necklace and earrings.

Prom earrings to die for

As with all your prom accessories, the earrings you choose will totally depend on your outfit. If your dress has a lot of detail and embellishments around the shoulder and neck area, then smaller earrings are the way to go to avoid the tacky look. Take a look at these crystal stud earrings from Ted Baker.

Ted Baker Crystal Stud Earrings

If your dress is more of a simple style, you’re free to go all out with some statement earrings such as these Swarovski Stella star hoop earrings.

Swarovski Stella Earrings

The same goes for big hairstyles. If you’ve got a lot going on with your hair, then simple but classy earrings are the best shout. Want your earrings to be the main feature of your outfit? Opt for a sleek updo to keep your hair out of the way and display your bling in all its glory!

Find the perfect prom necklace

Only your necklace or earrings should be a statement piece. If they are both on the glitzy side, you’ve overdone it.

Here at OD Jewellers, we’ve got tons of choices for designer necklaces that go beautifully with prom dresses. From maxi collars with glitter and rhinestones to delicate chokers and longer necklaces with pretty pendants, we’ve got the lot.

Strapless dresses work great with collars and chokers. One of our personal favourites is this close-fitting white and grey geo necklace from Coeur De Lion.

Cour De Lion Geo Necklace

However, if you’ve gone for a deeper neckline, a longer necklace will enhance the design. Take a look at this infinity heart necklace from Swarovski.

Swarovski Infinity Heart Necklace

Bear in mind that not all dresses will require a necklace to complete them – especially those that have a lot of detail around the neckline already.

Beautiful bracelets and bangles

A simple rule to follow when deciding on prom jewellery is that if your dress has long sleeves, you don’t need a bracelet.

However, the majority of prom dresses are sleeveless, or have only short sleeves or straps. If this is the case for you, then step this way to see our range of beautiful bracelets and bangles – you’re sure to find one to complement your prom style.

Getting your prom accessories right, as previously mentioned, is all about balance. If you have a chunky bracelet with an eye-catching design, ensure that your other accessories are kept simple. If your earrings or necklace are real head-turners, then choose a delicate, uncomplicated bracelet such as this one from Vivienne Westwood, to achieve the ultimate in glamour and sophistication.

Vivienne Westwood Ariella Bracelet

Don’t forget about your hands!

You use your hands more than you realise. And at prom your hands will be on show when talking, dancing and drinking, so don’t leave them out when considering the final details for your prom outfit!

Rings can really finish off your prom look. Bring a touch of femininity with a delicate piece, such as this Diamonfire solitaire ring.

Diamonfire Solitaire Ring

Alternatively, go for a statement look with a chunkier option, like this cushion cut cubic zirconia halo ring, also from Diamonfire.

Diamonfire Cubic Zirconia Halo Ring

Again, it’s important to apply the rules of balance when choosing rings for prom. Stick with an understated ring if your bracelet is fairly intricate, and vice-versa.

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