What jewellery works best in the sun?

Nothing looks better than a gorgeous summer outfit, sun-kissed skin and some beautiful jewellery to catch the light.

If you’ve booked your long-awaited summer holiday and you’re ready to splurge on some stylish new holiday threads, don’t forget your accessories! The right sunny jewellery can make or break your summer outfit, so read on to find out what jewellery works best in the sun.

Sunny jewellery for summer fun!

Jewellery is a necessary addition to both casual daytime and elegant evening summer outfits, and your holiday wardrobe just won’t be complete without some beautiful bling!

Whether you’d rather go for chunky statement pieces or dainty chains, it’s important to note that jewellery is fragile, and some metals are more likely to be affected by the elements than others.

Keeping your summer jewellery from tarnishing

Perfumes, heat and pollution can all damage your precious sunny jewellery, and that’s not to mention the hot tubs and swimming pools where you’ll no doubt be spending a large amount of time on holiday!

Gold and silver are popular sunny jewellery choices, but as both these metals can tarnish over time, there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that they survive the summer!

  • Firstly, never wear your sunny jewellery in the hot tub or pool. Apart from the fact that you may lose it if it comes off, the chemicals in pool water can cause damage to your jewellery.
  • Don’t spray perfume or apply sun cream directly onto your jewellery as this can be damaging. To avoid getting chemicals on it, your sunny jewellery should be the very last thing you put on in a morning and the first thing you take off at bedtime. This way, all the lotions and potions you use in your morning and night-time routines won’t affect your jewellery.
  • Whilst it’s fine to wear your jewellery in strong sunlight for short periods, you shouldn’t store it in direct light. Jewellery boxes are ideal for storing your sunny jewellery, as you can take them on holiday with you. This will not only keep them out of sunlight, but if you keep each item in an individual pouch within the box, they won’t get tangled or scratched.
Perfect sunny jewellery for your holidays

Coeur De Lion Amazonite NecklaceThis Coeur De Lion Amazonite Necklace just screams ‘summer’ - or maybe just whispers it - it’s multicoloured but subtle!

The classic GeoCUBEs come in delicate feminine blues and greens, reflecting the colour of the ocean. And the Swarovski crystals are sure to catch the light while you’re relaxing by the pool. 

Add some major sparkle to your summer outfit with this Diamonfire cubicDiamonfire Cubic Zirconia Necklace zirconia necklace. Made from sterling silver, this ultra-modern necklace is plated with palladium, platinum and rhodium for the ultimate in tarnish protection.

The absolute pièce de resistance when it comes to sunny jewellery, this dazzling necklace consists of six 3mm cubic zirconia stones which are cut especially. They look exactly like real diamonds, but without the huge price tag!

Vivienne Westwood Lizette EarringsThese synthetic opal heart earrings from Vivienne Westwood are the perfect accessories for your summer wardrobe. The Lizette earrings are sculpted to a heart-shape, showcasing green synthetic opals that are finished with an orb motif in golden tones. The name 'Vivienne Westwood' is engraved on the earring backs, so you know you’re getting quality summer jewellery.

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